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Muriel Kolinsky

Muriel Kolinsky
Muriel Kolinsky led a life full of passion. Her interests included music, education and Israel.

Muriel enjoyed music on many levels. Not only did she enjoy attending the opera, but she also took great pleasure reading the libretti.

She worked as a teacher and always fed her thirst for knowledge through continuing education classes. After her Graduate degree from the University of Minnesota, she continued to educate herself in poetry, literature and religion at the University of Chicago.

Her enthusiasm for education heightened her interest in Judaism and Israel. She enjoyed studying the Torah and working with the Hillels of Illinois. Muriel was deeply passionate about Israel, and visited the Jewish State twice. The trips inspired her to make a generous donation to the Jewish United Fund with the proceeds to benefit Israel.

Muriel was married and divorced. She is survived by her brother, Benjamin Reuben, his wife, Sofie, and their daughters, Debra and June. She will be remembered as a dear aunt, sister and advocate of Israel.